Making of the Readers Guide


This entire process has been the whole semester in the making. As we did our blog I learned how to analyze sources I found and think deeper on topics or issues we learned about. Once I chose my topic these skills helped me as I researched and made my opinions with each new discovery. The inquiry process in general was a learning process, because my normal research papers all focused on a claim that you would make in the beginning that would incidentally chain you to researching only one facet of a larger problem.

The inquiry process gave me more freedom to develop my thoughts on the broad topic of mass surveillance. Because of this I was able to formulate my own differing opinion on Edward Snowden then the facts I received from my parents. This process also fit very well with my overall mind thought patterns. When I find new information first I figure out what this means and then I ask myself questions from all sides in order to form a somewhat unbiased and well rounded conclusion. Having this format helped support me to expand my knowledge on the topic and really look into all aspects of it.

The most important moments in inquiry process are the turning points these may shift your focus but in the end they result in a more rounded conclusion. These turning points help you discover much more on your topic and even on other topics, which a regular research paper would not allow. The parlors also really help me learn how to build on other people’s ideas in order to strengthen or modify my argument.