I have had mostly good experiences with peer review in the terms of giving it. I can normally point out technical errors pretty easily. I try to limit my opinion on content and methods of portrayal because I believe that everyone has a specific voice and although I may not say something as they would it doesn’t make it wrong. It’s a matter of stylistic or one can even call it artistic effect.

However few people in my opinion have been able to give me good feedback on my work. This could be effected by the fact that I am a pretty stubborn and independent person. I may be having a hard time listening to advice that is given to me.
I admit there are a few occasions I can think of throughout my school career where I have rushed through a peer edit as the author describes, using vague comments, finding basic errors, and focusing more on intro and end in comparison to the middle.
The most impressionable peer edit I have ever experienced was with an opinion essay for a english class. The girl who edited my paper went a little over board in my mind. Instead of focusing on tactics of persuasion, spelling errors, and structural basis, she completely tore apart my essay. By the end of it she had practically changed my words to formulate her own opinion. After seeing that I ended up throwing out the revision and just rereading and editing myself. Another time I can think of would be an essay that I was editing. This was memorable because when I tell you I had three fixes to every sentence I am not exaggerating. The person I was editing off of clearly did not take the time to thoroughly think through what they were writing. I was almost embarrassed for them when I returned there marked up paper. In my opinion a peer edit shouldn’t come after your first draft but maybe a second or third because you don’t want to waste the persons time on something that you could have easily picked out.
For me the biggest challenge as a giver of feedback is making sure to find positive things within their work. I know that it is an important aspect of the writing critique but for me when I am editing my brain is focused on the negative, so sometimes it takes me longer to pick out positives. As a receiver my biggest problem would be openness to suggestion. I sometimes tend to think in terms of my way or the highway even if the advice is sound advice.

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