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Think Your Email is Private? Think Again

This source is different because its main focus is not on the problem of how privacy is being lost, but on a solution. The speaker focuses on email as a way to take back some privacy. In his terms he thinks that the whole world must band together to create a new form of email so that those sending out the data has control over who can access it. My question for this would be whether the companies that make email would allow this to happen because they survive on this data to feed us adds. An interesting view point the speaker brought up is the comparison of an email as a post card that anyone can look at before it actually reaches the intended recipient. He then gives a very detailed but watered down version of what he and his colleagues have created as a method to keep our emails private. For me reading over this I already get confused so the questions that this brings to mind are the errors or unseen disadvantages this may cause. One line I did really like that the speaker said was “privacy doesnt have to be difficult or disruptive.” He then brings up an even bigger question about how his program can continue without funding from advertisements. He stated that so far voluntary funding from his users has been able to let him succeed and grow.


Tracking Our Online Trackers

Something that surprised me was that young generations today spend about 8 hours online a day. This source has less focus on government surveillance and focuses on how companies and organizations can use behavioral tracking. Can we be condemned in the court of law by the data these industries collect? What laws today protect us against this (if any)?

The speaker also talks about a new technology called collusion. This technology tracks the websites or databases that are tracking your online activity. In one day the speaker showed how over 150 websites almost all had no consent from him and many were not even sites that he had visited. $39 billion dollars are the top revenues for industries who use this tactic. This author focuses on how the businesses have started to track us and our habits with and without our permission and knowledge. He uses collusion as his main source and solution to show people how much we are being watched and a method in which we can control it.


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