TEDTalks: Christopher Soghoian—Government surveillance — this is just the beginning

Authoritarian governments in other countries are buying surveliance capabilities to allow the governments to hack into individuals computer.

Most governments don’t have the in house capabilities for this surveillance so they buy it from western companies.
It can’t be proven that the US has bought these types of capabilities but there is an FBI team made specifically to hack into phones and laptops without the user knowing.
When the government of Egypt fell 2011 activists raided police building and found documents on GAMA. This is a surveillance
The hacking team is a software for sale to governments that provides the capability to hack into persons of interest technology devices such as phone and laptop without being the subject being aware. It is being used to target Moroccan journalists.
The argument is that the public needs to be aware of this new technology. There needs to be open and informed debates in order to control the threat against our freedoms. This could easily lead to abuse in power without close monitoring. If governments can hack into the bad guys devices then what is stopping them from doing it to us?

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