Research Blog 3

The first source I found through the library website is Privacy Online (Perspectives on Privacy and Self-Disclosure in the Social Web). This was edited in 2011 by Sabine Trepte and Leonard Reinecke, both of which are Professors in the Psychology department in the University of Hamburg (Germany). The publisher is Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. This publisher is a branch of a larger company called Springer Science and Business Media.

This book has many references each listed after every chapter. They used many researchers and other sources to back their claims and theories. This brings up many questions on whether social media should be more private or should they just be more open about what they are monitoring? I thought it was surprising that these media sites use our information as a form of currency. They trade their information on us with companies who use it to target potential customers.

The second source I found was an article called “From Facebook to Mug Shot: How the Dearth of Social Networking Privacy Rights Revolutionized Online Government Surveillance.” It was also written in 2011 by Junichi P. Semitsu who works for the University of San Diego School of Law. I think one interesting fact that this article brings up is the fact that Federal Courts have yet to amend the Fourth Amendment to cover the world wide web. This brings to mind the question, how can the fourth amendment be changed to provide more guidelines for citizens right to privacy. This article focuses mainly on the online social media outlet Facebook.

This makes me want to modify my guiding question to “How can we modify our constitution in order to include coverage of our privacy within the online world?” Using the library website it has helped me realize the plus side to using academic articles and books because many of them have sources of their own which I can use for my own benefit.


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