Library Excursions

As I was looking up resources through the library website I came across a book called “European Data Protection: Coming of Age.” This seems like an interesting viewpoint because it shows another countries method on how to deal with this rising issue.

My first impressions of the Atkins Library before I visited it was that it was relatively small. I was very wrong in that assumption the library is massive and has been different resources and options on what sort of environment you need to study in. I was very surprised on how the atmosphere changed with each floor. The elevators were slightly frustrating because they were very small and claustrophobic.

There were all types of students using the library. Some were socializing, sleeping, relaxing, studying, and reading. I could pick out undergrads, grads, and even teachers alike working and putting in study time. There was definitely a variety of students using the library and each had their own form of studying.

My favorite place (seen in picture) is the ground floor in the library because the chairs are comfortable and I can talk freely if I wish to do so. Another reason I like that floor is because I can just sit back and watch everything going on around me. For me the library would be a place to relax and not necessarily study because I feel most comfortable doing that in my own room, without any form of distraction from others. While I was there I sat back and started reading the book I had just checked out and then caught up on some easy homework before heading out for lunch.

In the future I think the library would be great for study sessions because of some of the group style set ups around the library. It would be a very beneficial with the tables and chairs gathered, as well as use of the white boards around certain parts. We could even reserve our own study room for study sessions with kids from my class.


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