1. TED Talk: Edward Snowden “Heres how we take back the Internet”


  1. Filmed March 2014. TED: a collection of scholarly speakers raising awareness to their arguments, new technologies, and innovations.


  1. This provides inside Intelligence on undercover government run organizations and operations that are conducting mass surveillance on the public without their consent or knowledge. For example he talks about the NSA practically forcing large companies into contracts that let them gather data on the companies users. (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, and Skype) Even after the formulated lawful agreements with some of them they continue to hack into them instead of going through the legal processes the contract states (warrants) to obtain the info. What information are they searching for that is valuable enough to break the law? The most interesting part about this is that these massive companies are being bullied into doing all this and being walked all over when they attempt to regulate or fight this. Not only can our government see a record of what you have searched, so can the Russian Intelligence, Chinese service, and etc.


  1. The speaker uses not only Snowden but the articles that he leaked. He does not need much more sources because Snowden has the inside first hand data and there is not much more available to compete with him.


  1. Another link to follow would be the NSA’s comments and claims on these uncoverings. As well as the constitution to figure out how this is a violation of our rights.


  1. This intrigues me to the inner workings of these secretive agencies and whether they are given too much leeway from our government.


  1. Helpful terms: NSA, PRISM Program, Boundless Informant, & Bull Run


  1. This is a difficult subject for me because I am on the fence on my feelings towards mass surveillance. I can see the good of how it can provide national security but I can also see where this power can be easily corrupted.

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