In the article Seeking revenge in the underworld of stolen bikes the main guiding question the author uses is, who stole my bike? With the question is, who am I related to? For humans of New York I think a suitable guiding question is, who are the people of New York? On the website for Photo essays the overall websites question can be what do these photos tell us? I looked at the photo essay on south American anti poaching squad and the main question for this would be who are these women workers and what do they do to protect the wildlife? While the Mapstory asks about the history of certain places and where certain things are located in the world.

These do represent what I would think of as inquiries, because the authors are not using a set formula they are letting their evidence and investigation flow freely and following it where it takes them. One thing I can think of that I do on occasion is look up vacation destinations. First I type in good places to go and as I sort through them I go from web page to web page just following what seems interesting. The main key to an inquiry is not controlling your conclusion but letting your questions take you where ever they lead. Inquiry means to question so the focus is not on what my answer will be, but instead on the questions the get me to where I am. in my mind is a perfect example inquiry. It discovers the wonders of the world and what goes on. It follows the facts and stories that its writers find but it doesn’t search in particular for a certain script to present the public and that is what makes it an inquiry. The main guiding question could be What is there to discover about our amazing earth.


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