Curiosity killed the cat

There are two things that have sparked my interest during the parlors we have had. The first one would be on how the internet and social media has affected our privacy. The second would be on whether the sanctity of marriage has been hurt by the creation of online dating.

The chapter that got me thinking about privacy is the Public Square chapter. In particular, it was the quote “we leave a trace that is now someone else’s data.” (pg. 301) This statement gave me chills when I first read it because it gives me the sense that I am being watched. I wonder to what extent does this go and where does it interfere with our innate need for privacy. With wanting to work in the national security sector it interests me especially because I may one day be searching through someone’s “online record.” I need to be comfortable doing things such as this because I can’t go into my future career path thinking I am invading others personal space. The Snowden scandal is a relative current event that directly relates to this issue. He was a man working in national security and intelligence and came to realize that he believed what he and the government was doing was not right.

The romance chapter is what lead me to the interest in marriage in a digital age. Particularly the effects of the increasing in online dating as well as the influence of the overall social shift to “never settle.” Online many situations are on a “one strike and you’re out” basis, but in my belief real life relationships are based on forgiveness and compromising. Should we really trust a computer with our potential love interests even when a computer is not yet capable of comprehending any facet of the word? This specifically interest me because I myself have started relationships online and I wonder if the conflicts that I see repeating with these types of relationships and even with some of my face to face relationships are connected back to the digital thought of mind.


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