Education Reborn

“When they are not tempted by their phones, they feel more in control of their attention. An irony emerges. For of course, on one level, we all see our phones as instruments for giving us greater control not less.” I Disagree with this statement. I see my phone as an extension. It links me to things I never would have been able to see before and people I would have never met. It doesn’t necessarily give me control but more opportunities for making connections with others without them standing right in front of me. It also gives me access to the internet and media allowing more knowledge to come to me at the tip of my fingers. I can’t control what is on the internet or even really what comes up when I search for something. I think what Turkle means more by this statement is the profound abundance of new ways to connect have ultimately lead us to disconnect.


“A lot is at stake in attention. Where we put it is not only how we decide what we will learn; it is how we show what we value.” This statement depresses me to really think about. What does it say about me and about humanity? We all feel the need to check our phones at the very least 3 times a day. So this time that we put aside for technology is that proof that what we value in our lives can all be confined to a small screen in our hand instead of the large beautiful world we blindly walk through.


I had definitely heard of studies on the negative affects of multitasking, but what came as a surprise to me was that when we do this we tend to have difficulty reading emotion on others. I would like to more in depth on why that is and an example of what this would look like. I believe addiction is a great way of describing how our lives have come to need technology and social media in a dangerous way.


I think it is kind of ironic for Erin Schmidt of Google to be talking about how he misses reading books now that wifi is everywhere. His company is one of the largest search engines there is and is probably the culprit of over half of distractions we face now a days on our many gadgets.


MOOC in my personal experience this sounds a lot like a few online classes I have taken in the past. Although I can understand where some people argue their benefits from my experience I have always realized that I do not learn the material or try half as hard as I would in a face to face class. This could be because of my personal motivations but in my mind the disconnect with this sort of class sets most students up to fail, or at least commit all the material to short hand memory.


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