Solitude & Self-Reflection the Yin and Yang to happiness

I was deeply affected by Louis C K’s response in the very beginning of the Solitude chapter. His explanation helped me realize what Turkle meant by empathy vanishing in children because of their ability to experiment with bullying online instead of in person where the hurt feelings are evident and unavoidable. I can also strongly relate to his words “you never feel completely happy or completely sad. You just feel kind of satisfied with your products.” I struggled with serious depression and anxiety problems in high school and through therapy I realized that my biggest problem was trying to hide from my feelings and letting them build up and smolder in the back of my head. Once I started letting those feelings flow when they came to me besides hiding from them they became manageable and I started to feel more happiness within my life.

I also label myself as somewhat of an introvert. I can be social and I do find it enjoyable to be with others at time but underneath it all there is still an innate need for alone time. It’s as if I am recharging myself. I find comfort in it but I can’t deny that I still have my phone or computer with me most of the time. So I still lack in the true form of solitude. This complicates my idea of down time. I may need to start disconnecting myself completely more and see how it affects my life.

I feel like self-reflection is something I participate in but struggle with the answer. I reflect a lot on the past and I think its my interest in psychology that causes me to look into myself and actions more than most. It is interesting to think about yourself and who you are as a person and how we became to be that way. The one question the chapter on self reflection brings up for me is whether I will ever be able to understand myself at least mostly. I feel like I can never truly comprehend my whole being because I can only see myself from such a limited view and am continuously growing and changing.


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