Rhetorical Situation

In recent days knowing your audience when it comes to political views can be very vital. I specifically remember a time where I was putting my input on a subject during a conversation that was strongly biased towards a certain candidate in the election. However I didn’t realize that the majority of the people around me were on the opposite side as me. I was very quickly ridiculed for my opinion. Thankfully I was able to change the subject and I learned to hold my tongue about politics until I was sure that I had the right audience to respond.

Context and tone are things I can normally easily determine when reading. Tone can be found through general connotations and overall wording/phrases. Context however sometimes requires more background. You may want to look at the time period it was written in or potential biases that the author may have. Audience can mainly be determined by the purpose and point of view.

Discussing the book Reclaiming Conversation we are all subconsciously taking note of our audience. We tell our personal experiences like we are talking to a friend and it is more casual and relaxed in comparison to say writing an essay on what we think. The generally similar age group helps us to relate to each other more and create a casual tone with our peers.

I already noticed about how the language I used when responding to different audiences such as friends vs parents was different. For example it takes me a max of 5 secs to send a text to my friends but when I am responding to an adult I take more time to think and I use different words to convey a more respectful and intelligent tone.


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