How many of you have ever heard of people putting tape on the laptop cameras? Some think of this as a sign of obsurd paranioa, but did you know that Mark Zuckerburg Chief Executive Officer of Facebook is one of these people? As someone with relatively inside knowledge on the tech world, it seems like this is maybe something everyone should start to do. In recent news breaks it has become known that although you may not think anyone would want to be watching you and your online activity there are tons of examples that this happens daily. Not only do large companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Skype collect our data, but they give it out as well. One large culprit of this is our own government. We can only hope that this information is safe with them and not abused. In my opinion this is something that we need to revise because having privacy is important to keep up with a democracy.

This website contains a collection of data and sources I have found relating to the topic. I want to help inform my readers on what the updated information is on this topic and different veiw points that specialists in this field hold. In a democracy it is important to keep the public informed in order for them to vote responsibly and effectively. As you look through my data you should form your own opinions about the topic and also ask your own questions. It is really up to you to make a stance on how you believe this situation should be handled. My duty is to give you some information on the topic and present you with my own opinion. I hope you find this topic interesting and that you continue building your knowledge not only on this topic but on other modern political and social debates that are important.